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3/16/20224 min read


Bridal makeup has always been one of the most important elements of a wedding, and 2023 will be an exciting year for trend-following brides. Among the bridal makeup trends of this year, natural and light makeup will stand out. These trends will be combined with minimalist approaches that strengthen facial features and emphasize natural beauty. In addition, wet-looking colorful and full lips and smoky eyes will be an effective choice in 2023 bridal makeup trends. Lastly, the stones glued to the face in the past years remain popular this year and if you want to be a different bride and attract attention, this trend is for you! Remember that every bride has a unique sense of beauty and be brave to create your own style instead of following the trends!

  1. Natural Look: The natural make-up trend has been popular for a long time and it seems that this trend will continue in 2023. More natural, light and radiant make-ups will come to the fore.

  2. Smokey Eyes: Smokey eye makeup continues to be the choice of many brides. However, a smoky eye trend can be seen in 2023, where more vivid and pastel colors will be used.

  3. Colorful and Plump Lips: In 2023, a lip trend is expected in which more bold and vibrant colors will be used. Especially red, orange and pink tones can stand out.

  4. Luminous Skin: The use of illuminator will continue to be a trend in bridal makeup. In 2023, it is aimed to make the skin look more radiant, bright and moist.

  5. Minimalist Accessories: Minimalist accessories will continue to be among the pieces preferred by brides to complete their make-up. Especially small and elegant accessories can be seen more in 2023.


  1. Natural Appearance:

    The natural make-up trend continues to be the choice of brides. Brides add originality to themselves with lighter and more natural-looking make-ups. While natural make-up highlights the natural beauty of brides, it helps to preserve the vitality of the skin with light sparkles and neutral tones. This make-up allows brides to achieve a beautiful and natural look and provides permanence throughout the day. There is a sentence I always say, In bridal makeup, makeup should never come before the bride. When the guests attending your wedding see you, they should say "What a beautiful bride" instead of "What a beautiful make-up." The most important point is that the bridal make-up reflects you and your style and emphasizes your natural beauty away from exaggeration.

    1. Smokey Eyes:

    Smokey eye makeup provides a classic look in bridal makeup and its popularity never goes away. But there are a few important details for this make-up style that you will prefer in bridal make-up. Brides should prefer more vivid and pastel tones or a smoky eye make-up using bronze and brown tones, and avoid black and very dark eyeshadows. While this trend allows brides to reflect their personal style, it can also create a natural effect with a light smoky look. The easiest way to make the eyes look very impressive is with "smokeyeye" make-up.

    1. Moist and Plump Lips:

    Nobody wants to walk around with the appearance of dried lips on the day of their bride. This year, matte lipsticks are replaced by satin lipsticks and lip glosses. Clear lines are drawn with lip liner in nude tones, and it is possible to obtain a fuller lip look with a thin lipstick application in the same tones and lip gloss application as a final touch. In addition, colored lips will appear as bold choices in this year's bridal makeup. Red, orange and pink tones add vitality to the lips of brides and provide a more radiant look. While this trend helps brides to capture a strong and bold expression, it also allows the lips to look voluminous.

    1. Luminous Skin:

    A radiant skin in bridal make-up is always a trend, and the use of illuminator is one of the most important elements supporting this trend. Illuminators help brides achieve a beautiful glow by making the skin look more lively, bright and moist. Among the trends of this year, radiant skin combined with a natural make-up stands out. This trend helps brides achieve a younger, healthier and radiant look.

    In addition, among the most prominent trends in 2023, there are cream contour and blush products. Instead of powdered powder products, cream or liquid products provide a much more natural and bright skin appearance. Such products preserve the natural structure of the skin, allowing make-up to blend into your skin more naturally. It is also extremely important to avoid thick and matte products. Otherwise, it may cause the make-up to become heavy on your skin and lose its durability. Instead, you can choose a light foundation that moisturizes your skin.

    Finally, the popularity of glitter headlights, which you can choose for bright stones attached to the face or for eye make-up, has started to increase in the past. It will continue to be popular this year. If you are one of those brides who like to look assertive and brave, this trend is for you!

    1. Minimalist Accessories:

    Minimalist accessories provide simplicity and elegance in bridal makeup. Small and elegant accessories draw attention to details while completing the bride's make-up. This trend helps brides achieve a more sophisticated look with the accessories they choose according to their personal style.

    I hope these explanations helped you. If you want more details or samples, please message me.