"Festival Season Has Opened: Everything About Festival Makeup"


Burcu Türkmen Uslu

3/16/20232 min read

Festival Season Begins...

If you're going to be at concerts, events, parties, or basically any festival environment, you should definitely have a fun and lively appearance first and foremost! So if you want to try different and bold makeup styles when going to a festival, now is the perfect time!

Tip: Your makeup should be durable and colorful enough to keep up with the festival! Plus, you can easily do this makeup yourself.

When we think of festivals, we think of Coachella, and when we think of Coachella, we naturally think of amazing festival makeup with glitter, stones, and bright and vibrant colors! Although the Coachella Festival takes place thousands of kilometers away, we have been able to indulge in all the festival trends thanks to our Instagram feed. Then, we rolled up our sleeves and created an inspiration board and eye makeup by examining the most beautiful festival makeup looks that caught our attention, so you can take inspiration from them for your festival makeup looks this spring and summer.

The most interesting trend of the season was the eye area and the shiny stones attached to the face. I wanted to design a make-up that is both minimal and assertive. You can get these stones from places like stationery. I used DUO brand eyelash glue as the adhesive, it is quite durable. I took care to use the stones in different sizes and colors, starting from the bottom of the eyelashes, and sticking the eyeliner stones one by one around the eyes. It is quite challenging and difficult to hold the stones with tweezers and stick them together, so I bought the wax stone holding pens from trendyol, then I applied the eyeliner on the fold line of the eyelid with the Sephora brand's Intense Ink Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Click on all of the products I mentioned, I added links.)

Well, after all, we design festive make-up, we are not afraid to use color and shine.

I finished the make-up by applying a lot of mascara to the eyelashes.

I recommend you to choose products that are resistant to moisture and sweat in your skin make-up. If you have oily skin, you should definitely use a base under the make-up and fix it with powder. How did you find the makeup I designed? waiting for your comments :)