Are you ready to create your own special make-up style? Everyone's face shape and eye shape is different, and by recognizing these differences correctly, you can reach the most suitable make-up style for you. My tailor made makeup (workshop) tutorials are designed to teach you how to accurately recognize your face shape and eye shape and create a unique makeup style.

In this workshop, working with Me, we will analyze your face shape, eye shape, skin tone and features. Then, we will choose the most suitable make-up style for you, based on your personality and preferences. With the techniques you will learn in the workshop, you will also learn how to make your make-up more distinctive and how to use the right colors in your make-up.

However, it is also very important for me to teach you to apply what you learned in the workshop correctly. With what you learned in the workshop, you will learn how to make a make-up suitable for your own face shape. Thus, you will discover a beauty you have never seen before and you will be able to apply make-up with confidence.

This workshop has been specially designed for you and will be tailored to your personality, face shape and preferences. We will guide you to the right makeup style and application techniques. We are waiting for you to create your own special makeup style!

Which Workshop Is Right For You?

  1. Basic Makeup: In this workshop, while the participants learn the basics of daily makeup, they will learn how to use basic products such as foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick, the most suitable makeup style for their own face shape, skin type, eye shape, product structures suitable for skin type, They will learn practical information on many subjects, such as how to clean makeup products and brushes.

  2. Eye Makeup: In this workshop, participants will learn about eye makeup, professional makeup tricks and different eye makeup styles. For example, they will learn about different styles such as smokey eyes, cat eye, graphic eyeliner, color theory and shading techniques.

  3. Skin Care and Perfect Skin Make-up: In this workshop, participants discussed the importance of skin care before make-up, skin types, which product structures should be used for which skin types, choosing the right undertone of your skin color and the right product color, correct sizing of facial lines (contours / Lightening). ) will learn to highlight using techniques.

  4. Day / Night Make-up: In this workshop, participants will learn how to make practical day make-up with basic make-up products and add a few more products to carry day make-up to night make-up. I know very well that especially working women do not have long minutes to spare for make-up, and in this workshop, I will also be sharing the tricks of looking professional in a short time.

  5. Bridal Makeup: In this workshop, I will be sharing the techniques and tricks of making bridal makeup with the participants. This workshop will cover topics such as how to coordinate make-up, color schemes and special techniques, the importance of choosing a make-up style suitable for your wedding dress and hairstyle, products and tricks that will increase permanence all night long. It will be very productive for those who want to do their own bridal makeup.

Customize your workshop...

  • Workshop 1 (face to face): This training is a type of workshop where you can get one-on-one service, all products and materials belong to me, and you can determine the workshop subject, date, time and place. workshop duration: 2 hours

  • Workshop 2 (via zoom): This training is a kind of workshop where you receive one-to-one service, you can get distance education through the "Zoom" application and you can use your own products. You can determine the workshop subject, date and location.workshop duration: 2 hours

  • Workshop 3 (Group): This training is ideal for groups of friends and those who like to participate in crowded events. Minimum 3 people, maximum 10 people can participate. Workshop subject, date and time will be determined in advance and all products and materials will belong to me. A practical explanation will be given on a model. Participants will also experience different face types and skin types by applying make-up to both themselves and the person next to them. workshop duration: 2 - 4 hours

NOTE: For detailed information about training prices, please check the "Price List" post from the "My Services" tab, or you can contact me for detailed information.