How to Express Yourself with Glitter

Burcu Türkmen Uslu

3/16/20232 min read

Glitter is the name given to luminous and bright pigments. Many shiny and sparkly things have been among the indispensables for several periods. Glitter Makeup, also known as bright and radiant makeup, is a good proof that beauty trends are back in the air of maximalism. In the last few years, the glitter and glitter trend has managed to influence the cosmetics world as well as the fashion world. It is possible to look extremely attractive and eye-catching with a bright and sparkling effect. You can be the star of the environment by applying glitter makeup correctly.


How to apply glitter makeup?

To apply glitter makeup, you must first make your skin bright and smooth. You can achieve the color balance on your skin by applying some make-up before glitter make-up, which is a remarkable make-up. In addition, you can help your glittery make-up to become more striking by applying concealer to make the under-eyes look brighter. The most important stage of glitter makeup is eye makeup. Wet-looking liquid headlights and headlights in metallic tones are a must for glitter makeup. I used the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette in this make-up. You can apply these colors on your eyes as you wish. The colors I use are respectively (galaxy, utopia, libra, nebula, haze). You can add a more attractive look to your eye make-up with a bright eyeliner or complete your eye make-up with your dark mascara, which goes well with glitter make-up. While you are putting the final touch on your bright cheeks with an intensely applied blush in natural tones, you can frame your lips with a glittery gloss and create this eye-catching look. You can terminate. Since glitter makeup is a flashy and assertive makeup technique, it can be a great choice for parties and festivals.

If you want to apply the trends to yourself, you can find inspirational images and prepare a moodboard beforehand. your visual perception will help a make-up design come alive before your eyes. so you can design make-ups that can adapt the trends to your own style.

Moodboard and eye makeup, which I designed as an example of the Glitter trend, inspired by mermaid and pearl shine..