Floral Makeup Trend

Burcu Türkmen Uslu

3/16/20232 min read

Bring the optimistic atmosphere of Spring to your face. You can apply floral appliqués (flower pieces) in assertive and avant-garde sizes or minimal sizes to your face or eyelids with a strong eyelash adhesive with a transparent formula. I gathered these trend-appropriate images on a moodboard for you and inspired by these images, I designed a make-up suitable for the Floral make-up trend. I preferred DUO brand adhesive as eyelash adhesive.

Floral Makeup

So, by whom and how did this trend come about?

With the rediscovery of Frida Kahlo in recent years, her "popularity" has brought the trend of reinserting flowers in the hair. Flower crowns, which we are accustomed to seeing especially in ceremonies such as weddings and engagements, have become frequently used in daily life. The makeup artist who popularized this trend is named Ellie Costello. (click on it to reach the instagram account, you can also review other makeup designs)

Ellie, who has 59,800 followers on Instagram, is a 19-year-old “Self-taught” make-up artist in her own words. In other words, she has made this job a profession by educating herself. Previously, she used flowers sparingly and applied her make-up by drawing patterns on the whole face. When you examine his personal account, you can often see floral and mosaic patterns made in pastel tones.

This adventure, which started in 2016, led to his recognition in a very short time. Having mastered the use of her makeup brush over time, Ellie is on her way to becoming a one-of-a-kind makeup artist by experimenting with herself. It is not known whether this current, which he revived, will be as effective. But that doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, she.

I planned to design this makeup when I saw the flower arrangement that was given as a gift. Before designing, I created the moodboard above. I found all the images on the "Pinterest" app and then decided to just use Gypsophila instead of the flowers in the flower arrangement. And this wonderful spring-inspired makeup design has emerged.

For more of Ellie Costello's "floral makeup" designs, visit her instagram page...